“I thought I liked hot sauce until I found out about Hush Hush. That was the real deal! A real eye-opener that the uninspired 'hot sauce' I was eating before, didn't do much more other than setting my taste buds on fire. With Hush Hush, I even use it for my breakfast eggs from time to time (that's a first - who am I?). Favorite flavor: Habanero / Sweet Potato, all day.”

DannyAmsterdam, NL

“Hush Hush combines fiery hotness with zingy tropical flavours. The Madame Jeanette Passion Fruit sauce is taking every carnitas taco to the next level. A hot match made in heaven!”

RobbertAmsterdam, NL

“Definitely approved by this hot sauce lover; spiced up my eggs this morning to properly kick-off the day. Not only are the flavors of the sauce amazing, but how awesome is the presentation?! The perfect gift, especially for yourself.”

FleurAmsterdam, NL

“After living in the States, I took some of the hot sauce culture back with me to Amsterdam. I'm excited that there is finally a local brand that jumpt straight into my top 5 of favorite hot sauces! The Madame Jeanette - passionfruit was a really pleasant surprise.”

EvaRotterdam, NL

“Hush Hush Hot Sauce has a unique and addictive flavour profile. Each flavour is complex, layered and bold. This is a must try for any hot sauce aficionado.”

FallonCalgary, CA

“I'm not used to eating very hot or spicy, but this is a beautiful experience of flavors without catching on fire. Delicious and rich sauce! The sweet potato is delicious with pasta.”

AlexandraEindhoven, NL