Sweet potato – Habanero

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The rich taste of sweet potato, paired with notes of smoked paprika, cinnamon & whiskey, makes this slow burner a great addition to your savory dish.

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Sweet potato, Habaneros, Onion, Garlic, Vinegar, Water, Whiskey, Lime, Olive oil, Salt & spices.

Our favorite food pairing:

  • Fried rice / noodle dishes
  • Cauliflower Buffalo Wings
  • Insanity Burger
  • Perk up your veggies
  • Mix it with hummus
Voedingswaarde (per 100 g) Sweet Potato
Energie (kJ) 507
Energie (kcal) 120
Vetten (g) 0,2
– waarvan verzadigd (g) 0,1
Koolhydraten totaal (g) 14,4
– waarvan suikers (g) 7,4
Eiwitten (g) 1,5
Zout 0,1

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