Amsterdam-based hot sauce label HUSH HUSH is founded by Judy & Sander, who have been close friends and fellow hot sauce fanatics for a long time now. But even after years of devouring hot sauces—from morning eggs to evening snacks—they kept searching for the right kind of spice. One with rich flavours, instead of only fire-infused hotness. They combined forces and rolled up their sleeves to make their own.

‘Haute cuisine turned hawt cuisine’

That’s when it was time to stir things up—literally: their vision for HUSH HUSH was to create their own recipes, all from scratch. From scouring local greenhouses and food markets to find the best possible ingredients, to a DIY endeavour to find  the right combinations and flavours.

A long artisanal process followed: mixing, matching, stirring pots, and merging spiciness with sweetness like two hot sauce alchemists—all for the sake of quality and taste. Haute cuisine turned hawt cuisine. The label’s small batch production reflects that: homemade and hand bottled to guarantee a premium standard.