On 01.06.2021 we will send out the FIRST DROP to all our hot sauce lovers. A limited edition of only 50 sets! Claim your set before they run out.

The first drop contains:

Habanero – Sweet Potato, Madame Jeanette – Passionfruit, Habanero – Garlic, Dried Herbs, Funnel and a Luxury black table stand

Sweet Potato

The rich taste of sweet potato, paired with notes of smoked paprika, cinnamon and whiskey, makes this slow burner a great addition to your savory dish.

Passion fruit

A blend of fresh passionfruit and fiery Madame Jeanette Peppers This sweet and spicy sauce is packed with flavor. The champagne-infused vinegar makes this hot sauce perfectly balanced.

The essential

Our signature recipe: Habanero peppers combined with Italian balsamic vinegar, onions, carrots & garlic. This bold hot sauce provides the perfect heat for the hot sauce aficionado.

Table stand

Essentials must be presented in the right way. That is why we designed this black table stand. Turn your haute cuisine in hawt cuisine.

Pocket-size bottle

Additional pocket-size bottle to spice up a take-out lunch bowl, restaurant meal, or dinner at that friend who doesn’t like his or her food spicy. But keep it on the hush-hush…


We don’t like waste.That’s why we dry the residues and turn it into herbs. Sprinkle generously!


Compact, easy-to-clean funnel to fill your pocket-size bottle